Staking crypto assets means your locking up your tokens for a period of time, while they are locked up you receive income but you can not use your tokens.

To stake your tokens against Metanyx you do not need to transfer anything to us you maintain custody of your tokens at all times. Using a wallet for the given chain you simply delegate or vote your tokens to Metanyx. The longer you stake your tokens on the network the more token rewards you will receive.


A block producer in a Proof of Stake blockchain keeps and maintains the full ledger of a coin in real time. Block producers generate blocks on the network as well as take part in the consensus of block production. Most networks will require 2/3 of the producers to validate the transaction before they become confirmed.

Block producers can run on bare metal or cloud based infrastructure. The hardware needs to be a specification to ensure blocks are produced quickly and can validate other blocks produced on the network. Most block producers need high IOPS, good CPU and high performance network to ensure they can take part in consensus.


Once you begin staking your tokens you will generate a reliable and regular passive include which is distributed either automatically or via a simple claim method built into the protocol

Metanyx also rewards our voters with the METX token which is a reward token, the METX token can be redeemed for another crypto asset. Holding the METX token provides exposure to the yield of the Metanyx.


We have a proven track record in block production across many Proof of Stake networks. We provide support to our community directly.

We use top-notch gear for high performance block production ensuring our servers are continually online and producing blocks as expected. We monitor our servers from around the world as well as in depth metrics of blockchain operations using Grafana.







Decentralized Finance

Metanyx has been at the forefront of the evolution of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). In early 2019 Metanyx launched the very first token on IOST blockchain that provides additional rewards to voters. The design of the token is to increase or decrease in value by a very simple primitive based on how many blocks are created by our producer. Every day more blocks are generated and more token are distributed, the distribution of the token drops on annual basis and the hope is the production maintains or goes up. The METX token is backed by IOST which can go up and down against a fiat currency.

Defi is so much more than a simple reward token powered by a smart contract it is the future of the banking system. DeFi based applications can make our financial applications more transparent and resilient to manipulation.