IoTex is a privacy focused IoT oriented blockchain.
Metanyx are supporting the IoTeX ecosystem by running a full node on the IoTex network as a Delegate as well as helping community grow.


Depending on staking duration a voter is rewarded with additional weighted votes. A stake is based on a minimum period of 14 Epochs(14 days) scaling up to 350 Epochs, a vote cast for longer duration has a higher weight then a shorter duration


IoTeX implements Ethereum Virtual Machine to write DApps for IoT devices.


Delegates are rewarded for block production on the IoTeX network, a Delegate is rewarded 16 IOTX for each block produced with an additional 8 IOTX for first year.

Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

IoTeX implements a Scalable Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm. Using Short-Lived Public key with a BLS Threshold Signature. IoTeX utilzes Elliptic Curve Cryptography and ECDSA algorithm to reduce overhead on signature verification

Privacy-centric Blockchain

IoTex is privacy-centric blockhain platform that is specifically engineered for Internet of Things (IoT). IoTeX is the next generation IoT-oriented blockchain with strong scalability, privacy, isolatability and developability.

Roll DPoS

The IoTeX protocol is an extended DPoS variant called Roll DPoS which randomly selects block producers on each Epoch. In each Epoch a committee is formed to produce Blocks. Metanyx will provide a high availability node to run on the IoTex network.

Decentralized Network of Internet of Things

IoTeX blockchain can be auto-scaled from a single root chain into multiple side chains all implementing their own Consensus Delegates for block production. Side chains provide horizontal scalability for transaction, Additional chains can easily be implemented for different user cases.

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