Enterprise Staking Platform

Metanyx provides an Enterprise Grade Staking Platform for Proof of Stake Blockchains


Metanyx Enterprise Grade Staking platform is deployed using a multi-layered security approach.

  • Dedicated Adaptive Firewalls
  • Hardened RedHat Enterprise Linux Servers
  • Muli-factor Authentication access control
  • Traffic throttling
  • ISO 27001 Datacentre hosting
  • Dedicated VPN connections
  • Hardware Security Module for management key

Our security setup shields our validators from both cyber and physical attacks. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring operations and stay ready to respond to critical incidents.

Servers are only accessible by Mult-factor authentication over dedicated VPN connections.

Dedicated firewalls with adaptive security policies to ensure connections from other nodes are continually monitored and throttled.

Access controls require Multifactor authentication over VPN connections

We achieve the highest possible level of security for our digital asset management by using HSM devices connected to our servers to sign transactions entirely offline.

Metanyx takes measures to ensure malicious actors can’t impact our block validation operations. Signing servers responsible for producing and signing blocks are firewalled and only able to communicate with listening servers, and secured in geographically distributed data centers with full-time physical security, monitoring and access controls. Hardware signing modules are used for key management wherever possible, otherwise secure vaults are used. In the event our servers are hacked or someone gets physical access, hardware signing modules prevent key loss.

The Metanyx nodes are deployed using a layered security approach utilizing SeLinux, Firewalls and Live log monitoring


Metanyx Enterprise Grade Staking platform is deployed in a multi-tier signing and listening cloud configuration that combines geographic diversity and redundancy across on premise data centers and cloud providers.

Internal Controls

Metanyx uses industry best practices based on ISO 27001 to prevent internal abuse. Using Multi-sig technology to secure against attacks. All our employees are vetted and have worked in sensitive operating environments in positions of trust. We do not store keys or anything of valuable in our office location, we use a combination of secure offsite locations to backup any sensitive data.


Metanyx is a non-custodial process whereby stakeholders are able to delegate their tokens to validators while retaining control of their private keys. Staked does not custody customer holdings ensuring that in the unlikely event of a hack, customers funds are never at risk of being stolen.

High Availability

Metanyx runs an active / standby server deployment, to avoid duplicate signing which can cause slashing penalties in a given network Metanyx uses

  • Globally Distributed
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Data Replication
  • 24/7/365 Coverage

Not only are our validator nodes globally distributed, our team is as well!  We  monitor all our server and network infrastructure 24/7/365 so we can address any issues that arise. W

Data is replicated in near realtime between the Metanyx nodes. Using external and internal alerting with automatic failover Metanyx strives for 99.99% uptime.

The Metanyx Enterprise Grade Staking platform is scaled up or down automatically as capacity is required using our cloud partners IaaS.

We automate the provisioning of our infrastructures to avoid risks of manual deployment. We use RedHat Ansible vaults to management system to distribute control over cryptographic material inside the firm.

System Monitoring

Metanyx nodes are actively monitored for server capacity as well as active application monitoring of core blockchain data using Grafana and Prometheus

Metanyx utilizes internal monitoring systems as well as external monitoring platforms to ensure the availability of the Metanyx infrastructure


All logs are centralized with Google StackDriver , custom alert metrics are configured to monitor Blockchain health between other block producers. Metanyx find problems others do not and work with our foundations partners.

Intruder Prevention Systems

Metanyx deploys industry-leading best practices to ensure a highly secure validation infrastructure. Our advanced monitoring system detects network anomalies quickly, allowing us to respond to incidents immediately. Nodes in different geographical regions guarantee the continuous operation of our service.

Always Online

We run highly available and redundant nodes in different data centers across multiple geographical regions to achieve continuous operation of our services.


We have partnered with the world leaders in cloud computing to provide a highly secure and available global infrastructure for our DeFi and staking services. Metanyx offers a reliable, scalable, and accessible infrastructure to the blockchain industry. Our service covers all aspects of blockchain infrastructure operations and is trusted by leading financial institutions, blockchain foundations, investment fund, and research institutes worldwide.


Metanyx have garnered a reputation for being an industry leading validation provider


Our team members have strong backgrounds in cryptography and blockchain security and are active contributors to the blockchain community. Metanyx team have built one of the leading UK payment gateways that has been responsible for 10’s of thousands of UK business online transactions.


As a professional validator, Metanyx takes on an active role in the governance of Proof of Stake blockchains with its own skin in the game. All our votes are driven by and focused on maintaining the value of our stakes at all times.

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