Decentralized Applications

Build modern, censorship resistant applications on Open Application Network (the OAN). Unity Consensus ensures the most secure blockchain infrastructure available today to run your decentralized applications.


Aions core kernel and Virtual Machine are written in Java, a language with over 20 years of tooling and workflow support

Staking Pool

Staking pools allow users to delegate there stake to a Unity Consensus delegate

Hybrid PoS / PoW

The Aion Platform is powered by a distributed network with an optimized modification of the equihash proof of work consensus algorithm

Multi Tier Blockchain Network

The Aion network will pass logic and value among participating blockchains to create a contiguous value chain where every transaction occurs on-chain, with logic and value passing among chains as freely as liquid assets

Censorship Resistant Apps

Applications built on decentralized infrastructure have a natural ersistance to any form of censorship, institutional or nation state.


This protocol is designed to scale from a single root chain to hundreds of shards with the ability to transaction across shards using atomic operations